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Don't Wait for Perfect with Lauren Lee

Don't Wait for Perfect with Lauren Lee

Tune in to listen to Lauren Lee, Founder & CEO ProductLivity, share the stories behind some of her best product wisdom & career tips for new and aspiring product managers.

Lauren's product wisdom & career tips discussed in this episode

  1. Set aside 10 minutes a week to journal what are the top three things that I really did that added value, or what did I learn

  2. Be mindful of your comms strategy when you change something in your product, your end users are people too and if they are on the losing end of a change, you may need to help them through it

  3. Product decagon framework to help you grow your product career

    1. Product discovery and execution - insights, roadmap, to execution

    2. People management - beyond IC, peoples, managers

    3. Leadership - any PM should be displaying some amount of

    4. Communication - tons of meetings, devs, designers, stockholders, customers - articulate what you are trying to do

    5. Strategic thinking - more important as you get more senior in your product career, what is the right set of things to put on the roadmap in the next 12 months

    6. User empathy - understanding users, how to best solve problems, uniquely do that that the alternatives are not

    7. Analysis - understand the data, quant / qual - why success criteria

    8. Technical fundamentals - speak enough engineering to have trade off conversations

    9. Design fundamentals - good conversations with your designers

    10. New technologies - always changing 

  4. Don't wait for perfect, share it, workshop it along the way, get feedback

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