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Lead with Transparency and Openness with Nick Cheever

Lead with Transparency and Openness with Nick Cheever

Tune in to listen to Nick Cheever, Divisional Vice President, Global Supply Chain Technology at Trimble Transportation (, share the stories behind some of his best product wisdom & career tips for new and aspiring/pivoting product managers.

Nick's product wisdom & career tips discussed in this episode

  1. Understand the role and the scope of product before you step into those shoes because every company defines Product differently

  2. Starting with the servant model lets you get TO the leadership model because then people know you're invested in them

  3. Assume positive intent when leading a team through a state of change

  4. Lead with transparency and openness as it makes it easier for people to connect

  5. Keeping perspective, maintaining perspective, bringing your own perspective, listening to other's perspectives -  you both had a journey to get here, so it's worth listening

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